Love Your Pet Day

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day and a great time to give your pet a little extra loving for all that they give you each day.  Whether your pet is a dog, cat, guinea pig, bird or other, they all depend on us to provide them with what they need.

Since we have 2 dogs, Jojo and Jude, this post mostly pertains to dogs, but I’m pretty sure you can adapt several ideas to your pet.

Healthy Dog Chew

Eli with his new chew

So what do our pets want from us? Companionship, attention, love, fun exercise and games, well-checks with the vet, healthy food and clean water.  Not much when you think about how much pets do for us!

Three Things You Can Do For Your Pet Today

1.  Set aside some extra time just for you and your pet.  Play with them, pet them, take them for a walk, take them for a ride in the car if they love that.  You get the idea.  Spend time with them.

2.  Re-evaluate the food you are giving your pet.  Really study the label.  Are you giving them the best food you can afford?  If you’re not sure how to read your dog’s food label, start here: How to Read a Dog Food LabelFeed them the best food you can afford.Jojo with his new chew.

3.  Think about the treats you give your dog.  Do you give them rawhide chews?  Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a rawhide chew?  How about a healthier, safe rawhide alternative?  I’m loving a brand by Earth Animal called No Hide Chicken Chews.  Made in the USA with no chemicals, bleaches, formaldehydes or additives and just 7 simple ingredients.  Check out a safer dog chew.

Show your pet a little extra loving and you’ll both feel great!

Every Dog Deserves Healthy Dog Treats

Take a look at our heatlhy treats

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