working from home with puppyTaking a new business to the next level is often time consuming and chaotic, so when you add a new pet to the mix, things are sure to get really messy. When you accept this fact and adjust your expectations, you can take several steps to keep both your, business and your furry friend on a course to success.

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1. Focus on Your End Goals

Remember what you ultimately want; define your goals specifically and map out the steps you must take to reach those targets. Decide whether you want to build your business into a large corporation or create a shop with a hometown feel, and list the steps required to get there. Repeat this process for training and caring for your pet. With the steps to the end goals laid out, you can then sketch out a schedule that guides your next actions.

2. Learn To Prioritize and Balance

Everyone has the same 24 hours each day, and success is heavily influenced by how that time is spent. Each day, you’ll make many decisions about how to spend your time. On some days, your new business will take priority, and on other days, your pet will require more focus. Sacrifices are inevitable, but you can choose how and when those sacrifices take place.

3. Identify the Most Useful Resources

There are many available tools available to help you keep track of the several schedules you keep. A calendar or
scheduling app allows you to coordinate veterinary, grooming, and training appointments with marketing sessions,
networking tasks, and budgeting meetings. Gadgets such as security cameras let you keep an eye on your pets when
you're not at home or even communicate throughout the day.

In addition to apps and devices, reach out to people who can handle responsibilities:
● Pet trainers and sitters
● Tax preparers
● Personal assistants
Turning tasks over to a trustworthy individual can really simplify your life.

4. Convert Your Business to an LLC

There are many benefits to forming an LLC for a business based in your home. For your new pet, it means you can
stay on top of potty training schedules and provide plenty of bonding time. For your business, the LLC means that
you have more flexibility and less paperwork. You will also enjoy certain tax advantages and limited liability. Visit to learn more about creating an LLC. Reach out to a formation service to avoid a lot of research,
legwork, and heavy legal fees.

5. Allocate Time, Resources, and Space

It can be tempting to multitask in the quest for faster progress, but this will lead to bigger messes. This is particularly
true when the lines separating your business, pet, and home life begin to blur. Create divisions in your schedule,
your budget, and your space, so you can focus on one task at a time.

6. Take a Slow and Consistent Approach

Many new businesses lose money in the first year or two, and a lot of the frustration you have with your new pet will happen during that same time period. Give yourself permission to take things one step at a time. Don’t forget to prioritize yourself as well as focusing the growth of your business and the welfare of your pet.
Without you, neither your new venture nor your young pet will survive and flourish.

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