Why Use Organic Ingredients?

Here at Eli & Jojo’s, we use only certified organic ingredients for all of our treats.  Organic ingredients are, for the most part, more expensive.  This means the dog treats we make will cost more than dog treats not made with organic ingredients.  Why would you want to choose organic and spend more for your dog’s treats?

Benefits of Organic Treats

There are several benefits to feeding your dog organic treats.  Perhaps what is most important about these ingredients is what they do not contain.  Agricultural products that are certified organic must be produced without synthetic fertilizers, chemical preservatives, pesticides, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), irradiation, industrial solvents or sewer sludge.   In the USA, organic farming is strictly regulated to ensure that these practices are being followed, and anyone selling organic products is held to a higher standard.

Research has shown that the use of chemical preservatives and chemical pesticides have been linked to a variety of health problems in dogs, such as chronic allergy issues, digestive issues, liver damage, dog diabetes, dry, itchy skin, chronic diarrhea and a weakened immune system.  No one really knows yet what long-term effect the chemicals used in pesticides or fertilizers and GMO’s will have on our pet’s health.

Feeding your pet organic food can help your dog’s skin because those foods do not contain artificial coloring or toxic pesticides which often cause skin inflammation and allergies.  If your dog suffers from digestive issues, they should have less problems with gas, vomiting, diarrhea or bloating.  Organic foods generally contain a higher quality of nutritional substances that will help their immune systems fight off diseases.  You should also notice an improvement in their energy level from being fed an organic diet.

By feeding your dog an organic diet, you can ensure your pet is getting the best nutritional value available.  This often relates to a dog with fewer health issues that require medical treatment.  You’ll maximize your pet’s life expectancy and improve their squality of life.

How are Eli & Jojo’s Treats Different?

Every dog deserves treats made with real food.  It’s our mission to make treats that are healthy and safe.  Take a look at our treats.

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