Part 6 in our series on America’s Top Ten Favorite Dogs.

# 9 on the List – The Yorkshire Terrier

The “Yorkie” may be small in size, but they are big in personality!  This fearless and lively little dog has an adventurous spirit and can often be found dashing around here and there checking things out.  With their acute sense of hearing, not much can get past them.  They will bark at strange sounds and are often considered to be “yappy” dogs.  However, with the right training and upbringing, their yappy behaviors can be somewhat controlled.

  • Yorkies are the most popular toy breed.
  • They are suspicious of strangers and can be aggressive toward strange dogs.  However they can live happily with cats and dogs if brought up with them.
  • Lots of family time and attention are important to this breed.
  • They have a delicate digestive system and can be rather picky eaters.
  • Yorkies do better with older children as they can be snappy if suddenly startled or teased.  Because of their small size, they can easily be injured if dropped by a younger child.Dog, Puppy, Yorkshire Terrier.

Five Interesting Facts

  1.  Yorkies don’t like the cold.  They do not have an undercoat, so they feel the cold very easily.
  2. This breed originated in England and got its name from the town where the breed was developed.
  3. Puppies are born black with small tan points and their blue and tan coats develop gradually after a year.  They can become lighter with age.
  4. They are a lover of comfort and can easily be spoiled because of their size.  It’s important not to overindulge this breed or they will easily become the alpha of the family and boss everyone around.
  5. Care must be taken when introducing this breed to a new animal.  Despite their size, if they are threatened, they will fight till the end.

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