Getting a New Puppy

When you get a new puppy, there’s a temptation to “give” it a lot of things. Of course you want to give it all the love and affection you can. There are also lots of toys to thing about to help amuse them and dog beds and crates, and even ways to thing about decisions when it comes to training your puppy. But one thing that doesn’t leave a lot of room for variance is what to feed your puppy.  There are some human foods that are just downright unsafe for your new dog, and it’s helpful to understand what those are so you can keep your family’s new addition healthy.

Helpful Infographic

For example, blueberries, especially frozen ones, can be a super great treat for a puppy, but grapes? Not at all; they’re highly toxic to dogs. What are some other categories and considerations?

This graphic below from PupBox runs down what you can feed and what you can’t feed to your dog.  You might want to print this out and keep it handy.

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Dog Treats at Eli & Jojo’s

All of our treats at Eli & Jojo’s are safe for puppies!  You can be sure that these treats are made with healthy, real food that dogs love and owners know are safe to give to their dog.

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