The Beagle is the 6th Most Popular Dog Breed

How can you resist the big brown eyes of a Beagle?  Between those loving eyes and the constantly wagging tail, it’s no wonder the Beagle earned spot #5 on the favorite dog list.  Described as gentle, sweet, funny, fun-loving, happy and outgoing, the Beagle loves people and thinks everyone is their BFF.  However, Beagles can be stubborn and very determined, caring little about pleasing you.


What Do You Know About the Beagle?

  • Beagles are members of the hound group and originally bred as a scent hound to track small game
  • Their nose is the most important part of their anatomy and they love to follow an interesting scent.
  • They are not a yappy dog but do have 3 very distinct vocalizations often described as mournful baying and howling.
  • Beagles are pack dogs and can be prone to separation anxiety if left alone.  They are clever escape artists and can climb chain link fences or dig under the fence if they catch a scent worth exploring.
  • They are serious chow hounds and always focused on food.  They can also be food thieves, raiding kitchen trash cans if the scent of food gets their attention.


Five Facts You May Not Know

  1. Beagles have approximately 220 million scent receptors compared to only 5 million or so in humans.
  2. They patrol baggage claim areas in more than 20 international airports.
  3. They are endowed with selective deafness when commands are given – unless they know you have food!
  4. Most Beagles have a white tip on their tail which is referred to as a “flag”.  This white tip helps hunters find them when they are hunting in tall grass with their head down to the ground.
  5. The most common color combination is red and white with a black saddle shape across their back just like the picture of this Beagle puppy!


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