Where are Eli & Jojo’s treats made?
Eli & Jojo’s treats are made in the USA in the mountain town of Brevard, North Carolina.  We never outsource our production which allows us to keep a close eye on our products and maintain our high standards.

Where do you get your ingredients?
Every ingredient is sourced in the USA and many are from local farmers.

What is the shelf life of Eli & Jojo’s treats?
Our treats have been oven-baked and slowly dehydrated to remove most of the moisture.  We do not use any preservatives to extend the shelf life. Once opened, your bag of treats should last 6 months on the counter.

How do I store my bag of treats?
You can keep Eli & Jojo’s treats on your counter for 6 months.  They can be frozen for up to 6 months.

How can I contact Eli & Jojo’s if I have any additional questions?
You can call us directly at (704) 813-2770 or email us at