Here’s How Eli & Jojo’s is Different.

It begins with our philosophy: create a superior product our customers can trust and maintain the highest standards,  This philosophy drives every decision we make, from listening to our customers, selecting our ingredients, creating our recipes, monitoring our baking process, designing our packaging and being involved in every aspect of our business.  In addition, we find ways to actively give back to our community.  Here’s how we are different:

Listening to Our Customers

We usually bake our treats until they are crunchy.  This is a texture that most dogs seem to like.  However, if your dog is older and has dental issues or for whatever reason your dog prefers softer treats, we are happy to adjust the baking time just for your order.  We make every batch of treats as they are ordered, allowing us to listen to what our customers prefer.

Just select your treat variety and size.  Then when you’re checking out, leave us your special request in the Order Notes box.  If you’d like to talk with us directly about your order, we are always available by phone at (704) 813-2770.

Selecting Our Ingredients

Every ingredient for our recipes is carefully selected.  We take our time sourcing certified organic ingredients and buy local when possible.  from reputable vendors to ensure that only the very best quality products are used in our treats.

Our Recipes

What makes our recipes different?  Each recipe has been specifically created to provide beneficial nutrients to nurture a dog’s health and well-being.  They are packed full of essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and target specific issues that a dog may be dealing with.  Our Banana Berry Bites promote healthy skin and coat, Fresh Breath Bites address a dog’s breath and Pumpkin Veggie Bites promote a healthy digestion and are especially perfect for dogs with tummy troubles.  And of course dog’s must love our flavors!

Our Baking Process

We are a hands-on company.  We mix the ingredients, roll and cut each treat by hand, bake in small batches to ensure freshness, and hand-pack each order.  Nothing is outsourced, so we are able to control every aspect of the baking process and maintain our high standards.

Our Packaging

We have carefully selected packaging which reflects our commitment to being environmentally responsible.  Our kraft bags are 40% recycled, made in the USA and 100% compostable after removal of the tin ties.  Our tissue paper is 100% recycled and our packing shred is 100% recycled both made in the USA.  We continue to look for ways we can improve our environmental footprint.

Our Community

It is our goal to be actively involved in our community.  A portion of our sales is donated to our local animal shelters.  In addition we provide treats to several of the local agencies that are caring for dogs.  As we grow as a company, our commitment to our community will also grow.