It is not our goal to be the largest dog treat company out there, if that means sacrifacing quality ingredients or the best baking processes.  Our goal is to be the BEST dog treat company out there..  Every dog deserves healthy, tasty treats they love and you can trust.  Making healthy treats includes using real, organic food in its most natural state and leaving out all of the nasty stuff.  It also includes selecting ingredients that are beneficial to the dog and limiting the number of ingredients in each recipe.

Our Customers

At Eli & J, ojo’s, our customers include dog owners and their dog(s).  We want our customers to know that making healthy treats their dog loves and the dog owners can trust is our mission every day.  At Eli & Jojo’s, we will do whatever we can to make the treats perfect for their dog.  We listen to what they want in their dog’s treats and any special circumstances their dog has.

We Can Customize Treats For Your Dog

  • Does your dog need a softer treat because they have dental problems?  We can adjust the baking time to make your treats softer with less “crunch”.
  • Do you need help deciding which treat would be best for your dog?  We can recommend a particular treat for your dog depending on what issues your dog may have.
  • Do you want treats that have NO animal products at all?  Most of our treats are vegan, but several do have egg.  If a certain treat has egg, for example, and you’d like to order that treat for your dog, we can take the egg out of the recipe and customize the batch for you.

We Listen to What Our Customers Want

Is there a type of treat you would like us to make?  Do you need custom decorated treats for a special event?  You can let us know by calling us directly at (704) 813-2770, sending us an email at or by filling out the Order Notes form on the check-out page.  We want to hear from you! Interested in taking a look at our treats?

Stay in Touch with Us

Eli & Jojo’s dog treatsare premium treats made with wholesome, real food..  We never use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, wheat, corn, soy or salt or sugar.  Real Food.  Simple Ingredients. Comments?  Questions?  We’d love to hear from you.