The Humorous French Bulldog

This is the last part in our series on America’s Top 10 Favorite DogsThe French Bulldog came in at number 4, so let’s take a look at what makes this breed so popular.

The French Bulldog,  The French Bulldog often called a “Frenchie”, is a fabulous family companion.  This stocky little dog with those big beautiful eyes will capture your heart with his humorous and mischievous personality.  They are intelligent and can learn quickly, but can also be free thinkers and very stubborn.

Training the French Bulldog

Training them is easier if you make it a game and reward them with food or playtime.  They make excellent watch dogs and will bark at unfamiliar noises, but they are not yappy dogs.

Frenchies are very sociable and friendly, but they can be protective of their owners.  You can begin taking your pup out for socialization by walking in public places where they can meet people and other dogs.  Keep your leash short so you can maintain control.  Reward them for good behavior – they really do want to please you.  They respond very well to positive reinforcement.

Things to Avoid with your French Bulldog

This breed has a very flat face and almost closed-off nostrils.  Keep that in mind whenever you are outdoors.  You might want to avoid the following:

  • getting them overheated in hot weather
  • outdoors in cold weather
  • long, extended walks
  • places with water.  Their favorite activity is relaxing on the couch.  They also enjoy chasing a ball and clowning around.  Their comical nature will keep you entertained every day!


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